Commercial Management

Commercial Management

Your obligations, rights, risk & remedies.

Do you know your JCT from your NEC? Your PSC from your ECC? Which contract?

Do you use eTendering? Do you know how to present your best offer to your customer?

Do you know how much profit you have made this month? On this project? Or how much value you have earned?

Or how to prepare and submit a claim? Or how to enforce your rights? Or defend a claim?

HLG Associates do.

We all want business to be as simple as doing the job that we set out to do, and to earn a wage doing it. However, 95% of what you do in business is precisely NOT what you actually do… it’s about managing your business.

HLG want you to do what you do best, and nothing more. We want to help you with the commercial management of your business. HLG just want to help you WIN!