Dispute Management and Expert Services

Dispute Management and Expert Services

Working towards the right agreement.

HLG Associates do not engineer disputes.
Instead we work with our clients to reach a settlement or negotiated agreement that they can influence, rather than refer the dispute to formalised proceedings and remove them from the process.

By providing and assembling hybrid teams of lawyers and technical professionals, HLG can quickly and efficiently provide you with reliable advice on your liabilities and exposure to claims.

This prompt support assists with decision-making in defending or settlement procedures as the works progress and HLG can be retained to manage the implementation process.

HLG can also advise on entitlement or claim preparation for remedies under a contract, and propose strategies for recovery, saving valuable time in preparation and response and crucially ensuring that there are no gaps at the legal and technical interface.

Having been involved in numerous disputes, the team at HLG fully understand the issues, and know the value of telling you first-hand your real liabilities, and your achievable entitlement.