Program and Project Assurance

Program and Project Assurance

Helping you keep on track.

HLG offer a range of specialist services and solutions to support your organisation to manage external issues that arise throughout the construction and development cycle.

HLG second our people into a clients’ organisation, adopting the role of in-house construction professional, providing due diligence, audit, overview and expert counsel on a wide range of construction issues. This service supports project success by independently anticipating problems, identifying setbacks and recommending solutions.

HLG provides our client’s with objective information on performance and deliverables, allowing them to make informed decisions about key issues before major problems occur. HLG integrated teams also provide periodic and objective reporting from evaluating performance of the contractors, designers and consultants to monitoring programmes and analysing costs.

HLG consultants regularly work in-house to our clients’ organisations, and are able to operate at strategic and corporate levels providing the advice required to inform policy, and increase overall business performance. HLG are usually engaged from the early stages of a project when the fundamentals can be addressed, a projects’ objectives challenged and appraised. HLG are then often retained to implement and manage the solutions.

This experience of setting things up properly from the start also means that our team are equally able to come into a ‘live’ project environment, and advise on specific issues such as project recovery, and assist with defined issues of performance, or advise on specialist matters as the project develops.

Finally, by being impartial of any core design, costing or delivery team, HLG are able to deliver your services wholly-independent from a project team, and entirely in the best interests of our clients, promoting best-practice with assurance and governance.