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Local consortium teams up to confront climate crisis

Local consortium teams up to confront climate crisis

The need to confront a growing climate crisis is broadly recognised and understood. In response, three local companies recently teamed up to launch a new service aimed at property owners interested in reducing their environmental impact. Through a focus on green technologies, they hope to not only contribute towards saving the planet, but also make financial savings for clients too.

The consortium, formed from HLG Associates, TNG Consulting Engineers and T&G Structural Engineers, brings together expertise from several construction industry sectors. This includes alternative energy planning and management, building services design and installation and structural engineering solutions. Jointly, they plan to offer a complete ‘concept-to-benefit’ solution.

For property owners, this solution starts with a no-commitment evaluation and recommendation of possible green energy options. It then moves to planning and procurement and any subsequent build and commissioning. Finally, the team will offer service maintenance and monitoring to ensure the realisation of potential financial savings.

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‘Jersey’s government has taken the bold step of declaring a climate emergency and made a commitment to reduce the island’s carbon footprint to zero by 2030,’ elaborates Jerry Willis of HLG, the consortium’s lead member and first point of contact for enquiries. ‘Individually, our organisations have been responding to a growing level of interest among property owners and developers in potential green energy and environmentally friendly options. Now is absolutely the right time to make both supporting the government and public demand a priority. Jointly, we believe our new consortium will be well placed to offer the best solutions.’

Among those solutions are a growing range of solar photovoltaic cells, water saving devices, battery storage units, heat recovery systems and even wind power installations. Improving their viability has been a gradually declining purchase cost and increasing understanding of optimum installation approaches.

‘Our team collectively has the right knowledge, skills and experience to deliver what people are now starting to demand,’ concludes Jerry. ‘It’s an exciting and very worthwhile opportunity – teaming up to confront climate change makes absolute sense for us, potential clients, our island and the whole planet.’   

Anyone interested in finding out more can contact Jerry Willis directly on 07797 717969 or 01534 888135 or

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