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Guernsey Jersey Subsea Cable Replacement

Guernsey Jersey Subsea Cable Replacement, Guernsey & Jersey

Following a number of offshore and onshore faults of the subsea power cable linking Guernsey to Jersey, the last of which was in November 2018, Guernsey Electricity made the difficult decision to replace this critical infrastructure asset that had been supplying the Island with a significant percentage of its energy.


The old cable, which had been connected to the French grid via Jersey and supplying Guernsey with low carbon electricity was taken out of service and the Island had to rely on diesel generators to fill the gap – energy which is both expensive to produce and relies on fossil fuel.


With a fast track replacement project well in hand, Guernsey Electricity appointed HLG to provide engineering support services and both onshore and offshore client representative roles. HLG assisted in ensuring the civil works in Guernsey, including the beach and slipway trenching and the large joint bay that would accommodate the new cable, were completed by contractors to specification and against a very tight delivery schedule with no scope to delay the arrival of the cable-laying vessel, CLV.


HLG also provided experienced ‘client rep’ services both on the CLV during the 10-day installation of the 37km cable between Jersey and Guernsey and during the ‘post lay burial’ campaign to ensure the cable was secure and presenting the minimum obstruction to other stakeholders.


The project was delivered to budget and on time in what has been recognised in the industry as one of the fastest deliveries for installation of this type.


In November 2019 the replacement cable was energised and once again providing the Island of Guernsey with low carbon, affordable energy


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