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Normandie 1 Subsea Cable Project

Normandie 1 Subsea Cable Project, Jersey & France

HLG have provided project and program assurance services on a number of successful projects and programs in the Channel Islands and the mainland United Kingdom.


HLG are able to provide reports and updates to a range of stakeholders, including investors, funders, owners, tenants or project sponsors. Prior to accepting any appointment, HLG considers the risks of any conflicts in receiving an appointment, in order to maintain controls and independence.


HLG were independent assurers of the Channel Island Electricity Grid’s ‘Normandie 1’ 27km subsea power cable project. Our services involved us reviewing contractor’s progress reports and viewing installation works, in order to validate assertions about project time and cost within.


Channel Island Electricity Grid


Jersey & France

Key Roles

Project Management and Contract Administration

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