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Health and Safety Advisory Services

Whilst many companies have their own in-house Health and Safety resource, not everyone will have this capability. But when the safety of your operations, your staff and the public is paramount, it is not an area you can afford to cut corners on.

Managing and improving your Health and Safety performance sometimes requires external advice.

HLG Associates has the expertise to provide:

Health and Safety Policy Preparation

 HLG Associates can review and identify any gaps in your existing Health and Safety policies. We can advise on and provide policies to fulfil your legal requirements and meet industry expectations. This can range from providing a company-wide Health and Safety Management system to individual specialist subject areas such as manual handling and confined space policies.

Health and Safety Audits

Ensuring that your Health and Safety system remains robust and current requires regular audits to review the operational performance of the systems in place. As an independent, professional consultancy, HLG Associates can add value by providing either a one-off audit service or regular reviews of your systems.

Site Inspection

Proactive visits to the site to review your Health and Safety performance provide both an immediate assessment and an opportunity to advise on any additional measures that may be required. Comparing your policy statements against site operations is a useful tool to understand how effective Health and Safety is in real-time.

Incident Investigation

Identifying the immediate, root and contributory causes of an incident requires a thorough and systematic approach. HLG Associates can provide an independent third-party impartial investigation and report to aid an organisation in preventing the same incident from occurring again. We can also help you develop processes to encourage proactive near-miss reporting to reduce the likelihood of incidents occurring in the first place.

Why Choose HLG Associates

At HLG Associates, we pride ourselves on putting our clients first. Working with your design team, our experienced advisors will be visible and proactive from day one of our appointment. Our commitment is to ensure your project is delivered safely and to program. With the benefit of our other services, we can provide a seamless and coordinated response to all of your construction needs.


For further information and to find out how HLG Associates can support your Health and Safety performance, please contact

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