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Health and Safety Project Coordinator

Those responsible for construction projects have a legal duty to appoint a Health and Safety Project Coordinator. HLG Associates can manage construction risks with their expert HSPC support

Professionals familiar with the Construction Regulations 2016 Jersey or the Construction ACoP 2020 Guernsey will understand the nuances of the requirements; these nuances are less clear for those domestic clients who are undertaking a house extension or refurbishment.

Under the regulations the Client (the person who asked for the work to be completed) must appoint a Health and Safety Project Coordinator (HSPC); where the Client is a domestic Client the responsibility of appointment is moved to the Contractor (a person who is knowledgeable about the construction industry.

The Role of the HSPC is to facilitate communication of Health and Safety related matters during the design of the project, to provide all stakeholders any relevant information and review key items of documentation produced by the Principal Contractor.

All persons working on the project from Architect to Contractors have a duty to inform the client of their responsibilities. HLG are currently providing HSPC services for projects including, : small house renovations/extensions, demolitions & rebuilds and large apartment renovations.

When do I need a HSPC?

When your project is over 500 working hours or 30 calendar days.


When should a HSPC be appointed?

As soon as possible, ideally, before the design phase has begun.


What is Pre Construction Information (PCI)?

Proportionate to the size of the project and containing site-specific details the PCI is produced by the HSPC and identifies the Health and Safety significant risks that must be managed during the project it is. It will detail and any arrangements that need to be put in place. It will also ensure all surveys needed are coordination and carried out.


What is the Construction Phase Plan (CPP)?

Developed from the PCI, the CPP is a site-specific management document produced by the Principal Contractor that covers project-specific risk and general site rules. The HSPC reviews this document before work on site begins.


What is the Health and Safety File?

Collated by the HSPC the Health and Safety File contains all information regarding the finished project such as project details, site plans and as built drawing. It will also cover how the finished project is to be maintained; it is key it passing on any health and safety risks for those undertaking future work on the property.


Will this just cost me money?

The HSPC role is to aid effective health and safety risk identification and management can help assure the wellbeing of those working on the construction. Which will save time and money in the long term.


Who can I ask to be a HSPC for my Project?

HLG Associates offer this service, please contact us on the email below.


Why Choose HLG Associates

At HLG Associates, we pride ourselves on putting our clients first. Working with your design team, our experienced advisors will be visible and proactive from day one of our appointment. Our commitment is to ensure your project is delivered safely and to program. With the benefit of our other services, we can provide a seamless and coordinated response to all of your construction needs.



For further information and to find out how HLG Associates can support your project as a Health and Safety Project Coordinator, please contact

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